20 People Who Can Make You Smile and Scratch Your Head at the Same Time

3 years ago

It feels like people who “only had one job” will keep doing something wrong as long as the earth spins. Installing a lonely door right in the middle of a field, writing signs that take you at least 5 minutes to understand, and more can leave you scratching your head. But thanks to these little accidents, we always have the chance to laugh and cheer up.

Here at Bright Side, we want to introduce you to some pictures that not only are entertaining but that also pose great mysteries.

1. “Good thing they put the cone there, I would’ve just kept going.”

2. “Okay, I ate the fluffy part. Can I be done?”

3. “Please explain how this happened.”

4. “Life is full of confusion.”

5. “They pay me to paint lines, not to move plants.”

6. The most clever planning ever...

7. “My dog runs around my pool on the same track so much that there’s a ring of dirt in the grass.”

8. “Wow! What a bargain!”

9. Uh...how did this happen?

10. They’ve done their best for you to sit and enjoy this stunning view.

11. “He bought this watermelon while the train made a quick stop. It didn’t fit between the bars though.”

12. “Has our fertilizer ’spreader’ done a very good job of ’spreading’? I don’t think so.”

13. “This is probably the most accurate sign ever.”

14. Well, that might work.

15. “We don’t need that corner, I guess...”

16. “This door handle that crushes your fingers if you grab it normally”

17. I’ve never seen such a precise depiction of pain before.

18. Welcome to the park! Please enjoy your walk.

19. A door in the way keeps burglars away.

20. “They pay me to build pipes, not to move rocks.”

Have you ever been “lucky” enough to come across something like this? Don’t hesitate to share it in the comments, the world must see it!

Preview photo credit Suddenslow / Reddit


number 2 is from the Te Office USA... hahah one of my FAV shows!! Michael Scott, best boss around :p

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