20 People Who Could Write a Book About Problem Solving

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Solving problems creatively can bring many benefits — it can help you approach issues from different angles, it can open doors to new solutions, and it may even improve your current way of doing things. Plus, letting your imagination run wild can help you enjoy the problem-solving process.

Luckily, there are many resourceful people who can teach us a thing or 2 about overcoming challenges in the unconventional way, and Bright Side found 20 of their most “innovative” ideas.

1. “My girlfriend is always complaining about the toilet seat, and today I came home to this.”

2. “Roommate moved out and broke the glass door of our building. Landlord isn’t in a hurry to fix it.”

3. “So I cracked my iPhone today. I took advantage of it and used highlighters and sharpies to turn it into something awesome.”

4. “This restaurant created peace, so everybody can be satisfied with the way the toilet paper rolls out.”

5. “My dog has been putting his head under the pillow against the light so he could sleep. I thought of a better solution.”

6. “I found a way to get my kids to eat eggs... I give you Egg Pizza!”

7. “My brother thought he looked fat in the picture, so he fixed it!”

8. “My sister-in-law told my brother, ’Use those DIY books and fix the chair!’ Done.”

9. “The cat kept peeing in the plant so we spiked the pot. Problem solved!”

10. “I made pasta before realizing that I had no strainer.”

11. “My car got into a fender bender. I fixed it, right?”

12. “Our old man, Sherman, can’t take very long walks anymore.”

13. “My boyfriend’s mailbox was buried so far under the snow they couldn’t dig it out, so he improvised.”

14. Worried that the ladder might slip? Problem solved!

15. “My brother couldn’t find a suitable card for our grandma’s 100th birthday, so he improvised, a little.”

16. “They will never know the difference.”

17. “Ran out of clips? Use an old glasses case.”

18. “Turn, but really slowly...”

19. “I was running late for work and couldn’t find her leash, so this is how I walked my dog this morning.”

20. “My friend invented the next onion-cutting life hack.”

Have you ever tried solving a problem in a creative way? How did it go?

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