20+ People Who Don’t Know What to Expect From Their Own Neighbors

3 years ago

We’re used to stories about dealing with good and bad neighbors. Some people get irritated with fences that are too high or too low, while others are more concerned with the color of their neighbor’s front door. And absolutely everyone is annoyed with loud music.

We at Bright Side discovered that there’s another type of neighbor that doesn’t quite fit into any of the existing categories. And you can expect anything from them, both good and bad.

1. “I’ll never move in this way!”

2. “My neighbors know for sure where their property line ends.”

3. People who drill may be like this.

4. “My neighbors are so bored.”

“You have now entered the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Silly Walks. Commence silly walking immediately.”

5. Answer kindness with kindness.

“Last year, on Christmas Eve, we noticed that our neighbor was at home alone. We invited her to join us at the table to eat and drink with us. A day later, we returned home in the evening and found a box near the door with presents, even for our dog.”

6. “My significant other went for a walk with our dog and he came back with some cereal made with goat milk for breakfast. I have the coolest neighbors.”

7. “I’m 27 years old. I recently mentioned that I’m out of work and my elderly neighbor left this on my doorstep.”

“Please accept this gift of some non-perishables. I hope they will help out during this difficult time.”

8. “My neighbors have an inflatable life-size whale in front of their house.”

9. An advertisement in my neighborhood

“Missing goldfish. Answers to ’Larry.’ Do not chase. May become aggressive. $0.15 reward.”

10. Maybe it bit her?

11. “My neighbors have a giant robot with a handful of flowers near their house.”

12. “Don’t invite me if your party doesn’t look like this.”

13. “Yesterday, I was walking on the street when my neighbor called me by my name. She said, ’Wait a second,’ ran somewhere, and returned with waffles that were still hot.”

14. Apple tree discrimination

15. “My neighbor burned his lawn.”

16. He didn’t even say sorry.

17. “My neighbors have never even greeted me, they’re the weirdest ones on our street. Today, I went outside, and they called me, gave me an avocado, and ran away.”

18. When you have to drive somewhere in the evening

19. “My dad’s project: a shield that prevents our neighbor from spying through the window”

20. “Your stomping is everywhere.”

21. A fence saved them from a curious lady.

22. Everyone can offend an artist.

23. “My neighbor offers ’a blind date with a book’ to anyone passing by.”

24. Neighbors may have different demands.

I can understand when neighbors come to you to get salt, sugar, or some spices. But today, a young couple came to me and demanded to know if I had strawberries, a banana, and whipped cream, and if I could lend these products to them. Where do you think I can find strawberries for you?“© “Overheard” / Ideer

Do you have weird neighbors? How do you get along with them?


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OMG!!! The Castle in the Sky robot!! If your neighbors are Studio Ghibli fans, they are the definition of cool!!


the last one. why not? we sometime here asking for coffee, tea, fruits sometime sweet and snack. there are also times i crave for orange then my neighbor give it to me. later when they had more they give me more


#4 is actually a fun idea. I wonder if I put such a paper next to my house, are others gonna follow this "rule" too? ?


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