15 People Who Dreamed of a Perfect Tattoo but Ended Up With an Epic Fail

10 months ago

A dissatisfaction with the quality of the tattoo is one of the main reasons why people want to get rid of ink on their body. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that the idea looks amazing, while the actual execution turns out to be a complete failure. And then, the notion of expectation vs reality is fully revealed.

1. “We just wanted the pieces to fit.”

2. Too many characters together

3. Buddha has never been so relaxed.

4. The lion winks at you.

5. “My friend’s fiancé thought it would be nice to get her name tattooed on his arm...”

6. Oranges that look like cherries

7. Is it a wolf or a llama?

8. Ariel making a duck face

9. When English is mixed with French:

10. This octopus looks disappointed.

11. Amanda was turned into ham.

12. Cash can never be extra.

13. Maybe the translation is to blame?

14. “This is supposed to be a fictional purple M&M.”

15. “Is it an old man? Is it SpongeBob’s grandma?”

Have you ever gotten a tattoo? Do you think it’s better to remove a failed tattoo or cover it up? You can share your opinion in the comments.

Please note: This article was updated in February 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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Never get a tattoo unless you've seen the artist work on someone else. Never get a tattoo unless you've seen every picture in an artist album. Never get a tattoo unless the artist is completed training and has thousands of logged hours as a trainee, and you need to talk to their mentor. Never get a tattoo unless you can talk to people the artist messed up on...and then had to have it corrected. Never get a tattoo unless the artist had drawn out the tatt to your satisfaction as well as a third persons your brought with you to keep things level. Never get a tattoo free handed unless you see the artist in action freehanding on another person in progress and you have a CLEAR description of exactly what your want.
that's why you always choose a good tattoo artist with good reviews!

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