20 People Who Found Something Intriguing One Day

10 months ago

This world is overloaded with unusual things you’d never get bored of. Just look around, and you’ll probably find something interesting at home or the office. Take a slow walk after your workday and try to notice little things that can throw a wrench in your regular routine.

1. “My hands after washing the dishes for 20 minutes”

2. The all-seeing apple

3. “The frozen contents of a trash can”

4. “A sloth in a bath”

5. “I found this while looking for a picture frame.”

6. “I saw an angry bird on my walk this morning.”

7. “The driver for Door Dash decided to open the door and put my order inside the house.”

8. “This horse’s eye”

9. “This frozen shopping cart”

10. This fungus looks like fingers.

11. “My hotel room shower has a circular cut-out in the glass that lets you turn on the water without getting wet.”

12. “Anyone curious about what happened after that guy ripped his pants at that wedding?”

13. “Siamese banana”

14. “An owl is just curious about our lifestyle.”

15. “The birds don’t like one seed type out of my mix.”

16. “My mother-in-law went lemon-picking today. She found this gem.”

17. “The inside of my daughter’s snap bracelet is from a tape measure.”

18. “I found this dog driving a car the other day.”

19. “The sloth was saved by the Ecuadorian traffic police.”

20. “This is how my bf proposed to me. I’m curious as to how it didn’t sink in there.”

Preview photo credit Sanfranciscoma / Imgur


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