19 People Who Have Broken All the Laws of Logic

11 months ago

Things are made with a purpose — they have labels to avoid mix-ups, that ready-to-drink juice box has a special spot to be poked with a straw, there are written statements that make a point, and fixable items, so you don’t always have to buy new ones when they break. Yet somehow some people disregard all of these things and prefer to do things in a more roundabout way. They make you question their motives in your head, but to them it’s just another way to do something.

1. Who needs the holes in the roll when you can make your own?

2. Since the tea and coffee got mixed up, let’s just change the labels.

3. Not so secret after all.

4. Irony is when a magazine about the dangers of plastic is wrapped in plastic.

5. Brands are just labels, right?

6. Turns out the sample is the actual size despite the disclaimer.

7. Who knew that a glue stick and clothes pins belong in the cutlery drawer?

8. Because cutting the carpet is easier than cutting the door.

9. Instead of getting a pre-cut piece, someone scooped a piece near the edge.

10. This engraver went the extra mile and engraved the instructions.

11. A hospital was turned into a crime scene.

12. Makes you wonder what the purpose of the label is.

13. Why poke with the straw when you can turn it into a makeshift cup?

14. Hey, whatever works...

15. It’s not practical, but the phone colors pop.

16. Why use the top when you can open it on the side?

17. Solar energy plates being shaded from the sun.

vanHazard / pikabu

18. Setting a new fashion trend.

19. Fixing a broken clock by placing a new one on top

Which of the pictures above reminds you of what you or someone you know has done before? Can you think of more things that people do that do not make sense? Tag anyone you know who follows their own rules!

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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