20+ People Who Were Lacking a Tiny Thing for Happiness So They 3D Printed It

2 years ago

3D printing has changed medicine, architecture, art, and other spheres of life once and forever. However, this technology remained too expensive for a long time, and only professionals could use it. But today, one can buy the most popular 3D printer for $189. It allowed many people to print things for themselves.

The characters in this Bright Side article used this opportunity wisely.

1. “I made these spikes to stop ’helpful’ people from grabbing me without consent.”

  • Makes me wonder why wheelchairs don’t have foldable/removable handles. Seems like a common enough issue. © Dh873 / Reddit

2. “My municipality in the Netherlands is now placing 3D printed benches from recycled plastic.”

3. “Wife and kids kept stealing my charger. Found a way out.”

4. “Every time a get a new filament for the 3D printer, I print a pug as a test.”

5. “I am the god of design.”

6. “Printed a home for all my remotes.”

7. “Here’s Mack with his PLA unicorn horn.”

8. “I made a tactical belt-mounted egg holster.”

“I updated my tactical belt-mounted egg holster to feature a latch. Now you can safely perform a handstand while keeping your egg safe.”

9. Key holder

10. A holder for glasses

“All it took was several hundred dollars, trying to learn a new technology and about 14 hours; but I no longer have to lay my glasses on my nightstand like a neanderthal. Worth it.”

11. “My laptop’s charging pin slips out easily, and the battery doesn’t hold a charge anymore. Behold! My over-engineered solution.”

12. “A fully 3D printed flexible tie — hope this helps get me a job!”

  • Is the job you’re applying for design or engineering related? Did you design this yourself? If the answer is YES to both of these, then go for it. It will be a great talking point. If no, then I wouldn’t.
    © Sam_the_Engineer / Reddit

13. “Printed a missile safety switch for my PC power button because my cat would jump up and turn it off.”

14. “Made this for the occasional small piece of trash at my desk.”

15. “Check out the old-school TV-style iPhone holder that my 14-year-old daughter designed and printed.”

16. “My new 3D printed phone case I designed!”

17. Moon lamp

18. “I’ve been wanting to 3D print a guitar body ever since high school. Couldn’t be more pleased with the end product.”

19. “I did it. I’ve solved the Pringles can problem.”

20. “This will seem weird, but I’m dealing with colon cancer right now and I modeled and printed my largest tumor removed from my sigmoid colon.”

21. “3D printers can help to change the world. Me using a 3D printer:”

22. “It turned out just like I had designed it.”

What would you like to 3D print?

Preview photo credit RavenLunatic512 / Reddit


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