20 People Who Woke Up as a Different Person One Day

3 years ago

Even a year can make a big difference in your personality. From a chubby shy boy, you can turn into a model who looks like young Brad Pitt. Transformations like this can make our life better. You just need to make the decision inside of you first.

We at Bright Side got inspired by 20 people who have managed to become “different” and we would like to share their results with you.

1. “I still feel like the guy on the left though from time to time.”

2. “I lost 100 lbs and now I model full time!”

3. “27 to 37. Getting older isn’t so bad.”

4. “14 vs 36”

5. “17 left and 27 right. People said I looked like Hurley from LOST.”

6. “I went from an overweight wedding guest to now planning a wedding of my own.”

7. “From awkward 6th grade to a very happy and liberated 30-year-old.”

8. “The pics are from my first passport when I was 18 and one of my first modeling shoots.”

9. “December 2017 vs today”

10. “125 lbs to 220 lbs. 10 years”

11. A big change in 14 months

12. “If I can do it, anybody can! Never give up!”

13. “I grew it out for 5 months, but then shaved it off.”

14. “Professional family photos, 5 years apart”

15. “Weight loss and hair gains!”

16. That feeling when you can fly

17. “What a journey it’s been!”

18. “When puberty hits you like a freight train.”

19. “It’s been officially 2 years since I started caring about myself!”

20. 136 lbs difference between pics

What’s your biggest personal achievement in life? Do you have before and after pics of yourself? Please, share them with us!

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I mean they didn't just randomly wake up, this took dedication and hard work and the results are there!


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