20+ Pets That Gifted Their Owners With the Best Thing Ever, Unconditional Love

3 years ago

Our pets always hurry to brighten our days with their warm snuggles and time spent together. They’re like sources of endless, unconditional love. And just as much as we need them, they can’t spend a moment without thinking about us.

Users from all around the world share photos of how they and their pets adore each other. Bright Side couldn’t stay away from this, and we’re about to show some of these adorable moments to you. But be warned: these are almost too sweet to handle.

1. “My wife went to work for the first time in 3 months. No words are needed.”

2. “The only boy who likes being around me this much”

3. “My wife is 3 weeks away from giving birth and our cats love snuggling her belly.”

4. “My ducks, Mango and Django, refuse to sit elsewhere.”

5. “My dog Chase waits for my father to come home every day around 5:30 pm — he died last year from cancer.”

6. One very cuddly iguana

7. “This is how my wife and our cat sleep every night.”

8. “The cat is sleeping while my boyfriend plays.”

9. “I found her outside my house in spring. No one claimed her so she’s been my baby ever since.”

10. “My dad died last June. His dog still waits for him every day in his truck.”

11. “It’s taken 3 weeks, but my cat has finally decided that our daughter is now part of the family.”

12. “She saw me packing my army kit this morning. When she knows I’m going to be away for a while, she sits with me until I leave.”

13. “One of our ducks rejected this duckling and it imprinted on me instead. It doesn’t let me out of its sight.”

14. “My girlfriend takes pics of me sleeping. My dog doesn’t snuggle like this while I’m conscious.”

15. “We adopted this cute boy and he’s been super shy. Today, for the first time, he plopped onto my lap and did this.”

16. “I’m in danger of being nuzzled to death.”

17. “Look at her, she’s coming home with me!”

18. “My puppy gets more and more protective of my wife during her pregnancy. He snuggles her any time she falls asleep!”

19. “We adopted my cat almost 2 years ago and this is the first time she’s cuddling with us. So proud of her!”

20. “New snuggle buddy”

21. “Kahlua spent 9 months snuggling with my wife’s growing belly and she is now a proud guard dog!”

Do you have any photos of your pets showing love to you or your family? Let’s share our shots in the comments!

Preview photo credit PlaymakerJavi / reddit


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#9 is so sweet. Love when parrots show their love to their owners, they are such cute birds ?


first one is literally my grandparents' dog. If they leave the house, it's the whole tragedy.

It waits next to the window the whole time till they come


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