20 Pets Whose “Systems” Crashed Temporarily

3 years ago

Sometimes we watch our little friends act like something is broken in their brain. They may freeze in a really surprising position or make silly faces. And even though we can’t explain this, it would be a crime not to capture it on camera.

We at Bright Side are so in love with pets that we can’t help sharing some super amusing pics of them doing weird things.

1. “This is Gigio. He’s ’special.’”

2. “Stan was installed in an inverted manner.”

3. “CHOMP!”

4. “Just a normal sleeping position”

5. “He’s part cat.”

6. “Buddy refuses to sit like a normal cat.”

7. “They were playing and then...”

8. “I sleep where I want.”

9. “Just chilling...”

10. “The easiest way is always a straight line.”

11. “I think I broke my kitten.”

12. “My dog thinks he’s a ferret.”

13. “These 2 play some weird games.”

14. “Just my cat stuck in the staircase”

15. “My dog...is broken?”

16. “When I come home, he sits like this until I pet him.”

17. “How my dog looked at me when I said her name”

18. “So this happened.”

19. “That’s Kitty climbing on the screen door because he’s not getting enough attention.”

20. “My aunt’s dog finally caught her tail.”

What is the craziest thing your pet likes to do? Share your pics with us!


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