20+ Photos Proving That Everyone Needs a Big Good Boy in Their Lives

3 years ago

The biggest dog in the world was Zeus: he was over 3 feet in height and weighed 155 lb. He was so large, he placed in the Guinness Book of Records. Today, as cute little Chihuahuas are becoming less and less popular, many owners prefer to have big pets. Who knows, maybe their pets will be the new record holders!

We at Bright Side agree that if you have a dog, there’s nothing to be scared of. Today’s compilation is about all the good boys and girls that don’t have a clue of how big they really are.

1. His DNA testing came back as 87.5% Gray Wolf, 8.6% Siberian Husky, and 3.9% German Shepherd.

2. “I bought my dad a puppy 6 months ago. 120 lb later, he’s the best big boy. Meed Odin!”

3. 2 months to 10 months old

4. “My big girl loves to cuddle up on the couch.”

5. It’s difficult to be a parent...

6. “My 4-month-old floof-ball”

7. Meet Carl, the 150-lb lion/good boy hybrid!

8. “Our now 6.5-month-old puppy. The vet said he’s not at all overweight — just big boned!”

9. Who owns who?

10. These Tibetan Mastiffs are too cool.

11. How do you like this tiny malamute?

12. “My friend’s parents’ absurdly large dog”

13. “He adores his owner.”

14. “I came to my friend’s place and I was shocked.”

15. Hagrid is moving to his new house. He’s only 8 miles away, but he misses his grandpa already.

16. “Bevo, the Irish Wolfhound who was in our groom shop yesterday, was too big for our tables!”

17. “My BMC/Saint Bernard puppy mix with my mom for scale — he’s 28 inches at the shoulder and 100 lb.”

18. “My dog Odin welcoming my new wife to the pack”

19. “Our 3-lb kitten’s favorite place to nap is in between her 2 180-lb Irish Wolfhound brothers.”

20. “No, he’s not heavy at all.”

21. “He grew up but he’s still scared of sleeping alone.”

22. “I don’t know what type of dog this is, but I would definitely ride it into battle.”

23. “My girlfriend’s cousin’s corgi is literally a mammoth.”

24. Maybe it’s the dog that needs to carry the owner...

Do you or someone you know own a huge, pretty dog like the ones featured in this compilation? Share their photos with us!

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I've never been into big or small dogs but these are really cute. Loved number 2
I just felt in love with Carl! What a big black boy ?

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