20+ Photos Proving That Nature Never Stops Surprising Us

3 years ago

According to statistics, humans need 2 Earth-like planets to absorb all the waste they produce. And that’s the thing we should keep in mind because not only does nature sustain our physical life, but our emotional stability as well. It never stops surprising us and its creativity can overshadow even the most outstanding minds on the planet.

Bright Side collected photos where you can see surprising and astonishing shots of mother nature that will both amaze you and relax you. Enjoy!

A giant squid washed up on the shore.


A hummingbird’s nest on a peach

“Lightning strikes a particular tree or perhaps Thor is down the road being a show off again. Either way ... quite a devastating strike.”

The breathtaking Rainbow Mountains in Peru attract thousands of pilgrims annually.

“Found the most metal tree...”

It’s a new day!

The philodendron pierced the cleaning cloth.

The brilliance of nature

Kalamalka Lake in Canada is able to change its color within a year: from cyan to indigo.

Geometric shapes

The morning glory

Do you see a mermaid?

Welcome, autumn! We missed you!

There is nothing that can stop flowers from growing...

...absolutely nothing!

Vast and blindingly white sand dunes in Brazil’s Lençóis Maranhenses National Park

The distinct color of this pool at Yellowstone National Park is due to bacteria that inhabit the water.

A million shades of blue

Love is in the air!

Lava flows from Kilauea Volcano

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