18 Photos Proving That Renovating With Your Own Hands Is a Never-Ending Compromise

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Today’s many renovation shows have convinced us that doing a renovation in our own houses or apartments is an easy thing. However, only the people who have actually tried it know how much effort the renovation of even a single room can take. And even though we all intend to do the best job possible in the beginning, by the end, we just put up with what we actually did.

1. Few people actually notice that the oven is in the windowsill.

shurik4216 / Pikabu

2. Let’s hope they don’t have children there.

3. We hope you don’t have to go to the bathroom during the spin cycle...

4. Why didn’t they just move it a couple of inches over?

5. What’s behind the door will forever remain a mystery.

silkas / Pikabu

6. Yeah, you actually need to stand up to get to the toilet paper roll.

7. “The heat lamp vs the bathroom door in my hotel room”

8. “These stairs in my in-laws’ summerhouse”

9. Perfectionists, don’t look at this one.

CitizenLG / Pikabu

10. “The room is 8 square meters and there are 54 radiator sections.”

svetlana0307 / Pikabu

11. One mistake and your keys are gone!

12. They just knew where to put the TV.

13. “I can feel that carpet under my wet toes already.”

14. This is classic.

15. At least there’s some foam.

polywood / Pikabu

16. This moldy-looking hotel carpet

17. Yes, this is an entrance door. Yes, this is a window to the bathroom.

donnydealZ / Pikabu

18. Who thought this placement would be a good idea?

Have you ever done renovations by yourself? What difficulties did you have to deal with?

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit shurik4216 / Pikabu


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depends, some people are talented and they learnt how to do renovations, so I think it's a good idea if they decide to do it


OUCH..... one worse than the other!!!

Do people think BEFORE they start working????


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