20 Photos That Can Warm You Up Better Than a Wool Blanket on a Windy Night

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If you’ve ever dreamed of a pill that would instantly save you from sadness and fatigue, here’s some good news: this magical remedy does exist. A purring sleeping cat, a doggo with innocent watery eyes begging you for another treat, or a box full of newborn fluffy puppies — take this medicine whenever you feel low and we guarantee your blues will be gone in seconds.

These charming photos brought smiles to our faces here at Bright Side and now it’s your turn to soothe your eyes with something cute!

1. There’s something particularly relaxing about purring cats and their cute sleeping faces...

2. “He’s patiently waiting for me to wake up and feed him.”

3. “Meeting our new kitten for the first time! We’re in love.”

4. “My neighbor’s dog found a moth.”

5. “This is the seal I help in the rescue center that I volunteer at. Her name is Moss, we’re teaching her how to fish by herself so she’s ready to go back home.”

6. “Someone spilled all these cotton balls!”

7. A cute tiny doggo that perfectly fits into a cup

8. “My daughter picked her because she was afraid no one would adopt a kitten without a tail. Meet LuLu.”

9. That charming and innocent look when your fluffy friend asks for yet another dog biscuit...

10. Proud mom with her baby bunnies

11. Finally, an accurate fortune...

12. This baby sloth wishes you all a good day.

13. “My 1-year-old son and 14-year-old cat had a moment this morning.”

14. “Just moved into a new house and this is our favorite neighbor so far.”

15. “Here’s how to start your day off right.”

16. “My boyfriend’s mom is fostering a baby raccoon.”

17. Here’s what true love looks like.

18. “We got a new kitten, but I think our cat also got a new kitten.”

19. “I completely forgot it was my cake day until Crumpet reminded me with a gift.”

20. How to properly lift a rabbit’s ears:

Which of these photos made you feel warm and fuzzy? Do you have a nice heartwarming picture to share with your fellow readers? We’d be glad to see your thoughts and pictures in the comments!

Preview photo credit Helenkellers / Imgur


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"Which of these photos made you feel warm and fuzzy?" .... Usually I can answer such a question, but in this case I can't - because they are all so heartmelting and sweet. Thank you for sharing these extraordinary pictures ?.


I wonder how it feels to pet a cute seal ?

they are soo sweet!


I really loved these! Watching this compilation while your cat is on your lap asking for some stokes is amazing :3


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