20 Photos That Capture Travelers Struggling to “Fit” in Japan

3 years ago

The average height in Japan is 5’2″ for men and 4’9″ for women, so of course all the amenities are designed to roughly fit the majority of the population. It’s no wonder that when citizens of western countries come to visit, they often feel like Godzilla and have to get used to crouching.

We at Bright Side are curious about all things Japanese, and this time we turn our eyes to the people who’ve discovered just how unique this country is from their own (height) perspective.

1. “My shower during my visit in Tokyo. I was almost hitting my head on the ceiling while standing in the tub.”

2. You have to be a maximum of 6 feet to ride the train.

3. “All the doors are small.”

4. Try washing your face upside down!

5. Danger is lurking everywhere.

6. “Tall friends duck together.”

7. He’d never need a ladder again!

8. “Don’t mind me, just getting a closer look.”

9. “Japan wasn’t made for us.”

10. Thanks for the heads up!

11. “Constantly ducking gets old fast.”

12. “I had a tricky time in Tokyo.”

13. “Japan is ruining my posture.”

14. “My stepfather is visiting Asia this week.”

15. “Everything about Japan was great, with the exception of rush hour.”

16. Forget about taking a good photo.

17. “Having a lovely time.”

18. “Loved my first trip.”

19. “Hotels sucked for me.”

20. “Anyone who’s been to Japan knows you’re going to need to duck sooner or later.”

Have you ever been to Japan or any other country where your height became a challenge?


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