19 Photos That Deserve an Award for the Best “Eye-Con”

11 months ago

Our eyes are extremely successful at playing tricks on us, especially when it comes to optical illusions. At a quick glance, a totally innocent photo may seem anything but normal. That’s why it’s better to remember that things aren’t always what they seem. And just between us, this rule applies not to only perfectly timed photos or photos taken from a weird angle, but to our whole life.

19. “Stop! What the heck are you doing over there? This is not a public toil— oh, never mind.”

18. “My cat is floating.”

17. She probably worked pretty hard to get this. We know she spent at least 5 minutes trying to find the proper angle.

16. You might think that these glasses saw something surprising, but it’s just a lamp’s reflection.

15. It looks like a secret meeting of ghosts discussing how to scare people next time.

14. “Khaleesi! I’m telling you for the last time, watch your drag... Oh, puppy, that’s you!”

13. “Khaleesi! I’m not mistaken this time!”

12. “This pic of London looks like it should be a video.”

11. How your parents see you when you’re 30 and come to visit them:

10. We hope that no one sat on this iPad before it was found.

9. Must be Australia.

8. This is a real cafe in Korea, not a drawing.

7. When you wish your dog could stay a puppy forever, but something goes wrong:

6. Here’s a simple way to make people stare at you.

5. These people aren’t trapped in a well, it’s just a floor.

4. Have you ever seen a real centaur? We’ve found one just for you.

3. Gulliver in the land of giants. New edit.

2. It’s not a reflective lake.

1. “Hi-yo, Susan! Away!”

Which photo made you forget about everything around you and stare at it until you found an answer?

Please note: This article was updated in December 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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