20 Photos That Make Us Miss Our Teenage Years Like Crazy

4 years ago

When we look back at our teenage years, so many things may seem unbelievable. Old school phones and cameras, eating tons of pizza, playing games, the celebration of the millennium... You may feel so nostalgic and warm inside when you think of these things.

We at Bright Side got sentimental and would love to share some nice moments with you from the past that you may be missing and not even realize it.

1. “Finally asked her.”

2. “Pizza in bed with doom eternal”

3. “Me and my buds made a baguette out of phones a while back.”

4. Browsing was slow, but very interesting.

5. Titanic and James Bond on VHS tapes

6. There was only one option to check the movie schedule.

7. The process of filming and taking pics took much longer, but it was fun.

8. Episodes that you can rewatch endlessly...

9. This struggle to find something

10. Awesome school parties: “I’m at a dance and this is a mood.”

11. Pinball machines and that feeling when you beat your friend

12. Best friends and one style

13. Being a fan of someone

14. Feeling cool with new technology

15. Friendship pins all over your shoes and jean jackets

16. Greeting the new millennium

17. “In the ’80s & ’90s, Glamour Shots was a thing. I was so excited when my mom took me to a ‘high-fashion makeover’ for my 12th birthday!”

18. Sweet family moments

19. Hypercolor T-Shirts were must have

20. No Strings Attached... They were idols.

What is the best memory from your teenage years? Do you have old photos that make you feel embarrassed and nostalgic at the same time? Please share them with us in the comments!

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Is there anything cooler than being fan of someone? I mean, I love having idols!


I remember the first time someone asked me out. I felt so ashamed ??


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