20 Photos That Show the Appeal of the Women From the ’60s

4 years ago

The sixties were a time when outdated social norms were broken. With all the changes coming about, the young ladies of that time carried themselves with a colorful new style and attitude. They finally felt free and were not afraid to show it.

We at Bright Side can’t help but admire these beauties who rocked the ’60s and made this decade unforgettable.

1. Looking at this photo, you can just feel the fun in the sun.

2. Sophia Loren was the epitome of style.

3. Tina Louise brought fire to the world.

4. Just because you don’t normally show off your corset, doesn’t mean you can’t rock it.

5. Diahann Carroll shows how a long dress can still show off your figure.

6. Brigette Bardot could win you over with just a look.

7. Raquel Welch proves there’s always time to show some leg.

8. Barbara Perkins almost makes you want to visit Peyton Place.

9. Kim Novak was a bewitching beauty.

10. Stars haven’t shined as bright since Sharon Tate.

11. Barbara Eden looks like she just walked out of paradise.

12. Jean Shrimpton brings new meaning to “Little Black Dress.”

13. Ursula Andress was the Bond girl that started it all.

14. Your girlfriends can help you double the fun.

15. Goldie Hawn made her body a work of art.

16. There’s no such thing as too many mirrors.

17. You can’t talk about women of the sixties without mentioning First Lady, Jackie O.

18. Ann Margaret is the flower of this garden.

19. Marilyn Monroe was poetry in motion.

20. Take it away, Joan Collins!

Do you have any images of the beauties from this decade? Please share them with us in the comments!


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Number 14 is one of those pictures that would get photoshopped these days so your ass looks a lot bigger ?


Back when you didn't need photoshop to show off your looks, or plastic surgery!


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