20 Photos That Show the Bond Between Grandparents and Kids Is Like No Other

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3 years ago

Children grow up happier when they are around their grandparents. And, grandparents live longer when they are around their grandkids. The benefits of togetherness flow both ways, making the bond between grandparents and children extra special.

To showcase the beauty of this bond, Bright Side has picked 20 photos that will definitely make you smile.

1. “My 96-year old grandmother meeting her great-granddaughter for the first time. I can’t tell who’s happier.”

2. “I told my grandma that I missed her. This was her 45 minutes later, asking if I was hungry.”

3. Their smiles are so precious!

4. “My Grandpa holding me (1990) and my son 29 years later (2019)”

5 “My 94-year-old great-grandma made this for me because she said it’s too cold. It’s 80° outside.”

6. What unconditional love looks like:

7. “My grandma didn’t want me to get a tortoise. Then I come home and my tortoise is wearing a watermelon sweater.”

8. “My grandma and nephew fell asleep holding hands today.”

9. They shaved their heads to look like their grandfather.

10. “My daughter and her great-grandmother... 91 years apart”

11. Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour with his grandchild

12. “My great-grandmother Pauline was 100 years old. This is my grandma, me, and my great-grandma.”

13. “Grandma is 92 years old and painted a picture of me holding my cat!”

14. “My 3 month-old-daughter and her 93-year-old great-great grandpa!”

15. My 91-year-old Grandpa asked to switch hats for a photo... “So I can be ‘cool’ like you!”

16. 1989: me, my dad, and my grandpa playing Zelda

2016: my son, me, and my dad playing Zelda

17. “I left my blanket at my 90-year-old grandma’s house and asked her to send it back. She wrapped cookies and brownies inside.”

18. “The way my nephew looks at his grandpa (my dad) melts my heart.”

19. “My 92-year-old grandmother meeting my 2-day-old daughter for the first time. Life comes and goes, but it’s always beautiful.”

20. “I had to say goodbye to my grandpa on Thursday. I am happy I got to stay with him all night until he passed.”

Which photo of you and your grandparents do you treasure the most? We’d love to see it in the comments!

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What a beautiful relationship one can create with our grandparents. I'm so glad my daughter loves and respect my parents as much as I did with their parents
My grandma passed away 4 years ago and I still can't accept. She was like my second mom. I miss her truly
These photos made think how lucky I was to have the grandparents I had. They were truly special to me
Sadly I was never able to really bond with my grandparents

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