20+ Photos With Small Details That Make Them Really Special

3 years ago

Life is full of big and small surprises, but the most important thing is to look around yourself. Sometimes, it may be something small but nice, a kind gesture performed by a person you don’t know, or an amazing situation you get to witness. Yes, the ability to notice small details in simple, ordinary things can make your life much more interesting.

If you don’t believe us, take a look at the people from this new Bright Side compilation. They found a lot of interesting things simply by looking around.

“Someone put an effort into placing a smiley face on my Krispy Kreme donut.”

“My dog, in his natural habitat, hunting his prey”

“The seasoning packet for my ramen has little pandas in it!”

This boy is the best part of this kitchen.

When the bus stop button stopped working:

“I was cutting some apples and a little piece got on my knife, shaped like a knife!”

“Was out for a drive and came across this tense scene...”

“Our Persian cat staring at our new pup”

When you want to drive a car and don’t want to spend money on gas:

“My friend’s septic tank looks like Rafiki from The Lion King.

“When old tennis trophies become the epic struggle of ukulele vs spider web”

Not all bananas are good for you...

“My toothpaste has stars in it.”

“I adopted a dog. Alabama is suspicious.”

He’s the one and only king of the road.

This yellow beetle with a yellow beetle

“Our office is on the tenth floor. This is the second time that I’ve got a heart attack today.”

“The smallest maple tree leaf I’ve ever seen”

“My 3-year-old said he’d found a dead fly and was taking him outside. I assumed he meant on a napkin, not as the driver of a 1957 convertible...”

Did you think these were just pebbles?

Lake Tahoe

Cat glasses — a.k.a. the cutest illusion we’ve ever seen

How attentive are you to detail? How often do you notice small things like this? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit iamstephen / Reddit


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That cute pug in the kitchen looks like a small mouse!!! So cute!


I love this bus stop signal. I wonder how many people pressed it just to press and not to request a stop ?


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