20+ Pics That Prove Our Pets Have Their Own Kind of Logic, and We Are Not Even Close to Understanding It

4 years ago

We love to say that our pets are smart and witty, but just like us they can be real goofballs sometimes. Getting stuck in the most unexpected places or failing to hide in the most hilarious ways — they’ll never miss their chance to turn life into a sitcom. You never know when the next show starts, so it’s better to keep your phones ready to take a shot at any moment.

Here at Bright Side we want to show you these 22 pics from pet owners who never get bored with their quirky cats and dogs around. Will you recognize your pet in any of these shots?

1. “I don’t think she understands the concept of a bed.”

2. “Meet my cat Furgus. He also doubles as a step.”

3. “Ain’t no place more even and comfortable in the house.”

4. “My aunt’s dog finally got her tail.”

5. The birds are big this spring...

6. “My dogs are stupid.”

7. “They used to all fit on the top of the cat tree when they were kittens. They still try though.”

8. “Apparently one of them turned on the new Roomba while I was sleeping upstairs.”

9. “They were both sleeping 3 minutes ago.”

10. “My beautifully dumb dog fell asleep in the rain.”

11. “One of our dogs is clearly smarter than the other...”

12. When you finally find the best way to lie in a cat hammock.

13. “Couldn’t find my cat after I went to get my pizza. I have no idea how she got there so fast.”

14. “Hashbrown hasn’t completely figured out hiding yet.”

15. “Couldn’t find my dog anywhere until I noticed that there was something wrong with the couch.”

16. This pic could illustrate the word “stuck” in a dictionary.

17. “He insists on giving you his paw to hold, then makes this face when you hold it.”

18. “I bought him a new house. He made himself at home...”

19. “He thinks this painting is a window.”

20. “My dog got stuck in the arm of a coat. I couldn’t stop laughing.”

21. The last drops are the tastiest.

22. “I found a loose seal in my bathroom.”

Have you ever seen your pet behaving in a way that made you want to grab your phone and take a shot? Can you share some funny photos of your pets acting in a quirky way?

Preview photo credit Jonathanzinho21 / Reddit


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Oh man, what if someone doesn't notice the cat and steps on him on these stairs. That's dangerous


dogs from #6 aren't stupid.. the little one is just dominant :D


I love seeing these kind of pictures and as much as I try to understand what's going on with these crazy ones I can't never get it ?


Some of these are so dumb and cute haha. Number 4 is such a funny dog ?


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