20+ Pics That Prove the World Will Never Stop Surprising Us

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From the amazing eyes of a blind cat, to a half male-half female butterfly, to an albino reindeer, to an ant`s face under a microscope — these pictures remind us that there are still so many extraordinary things around us, and that the one who seeks beauty will always find it.

1. An athlete`s leg after a race

2. A Southern Cassowary claw. In case you didn’t realize that birds are just little dinosaurs.

3. My friends blind cat, Soren, has amazing eyes.

4. “I dropped my headphones in the sand and all the iron collected on the magnets.”

5. My friend’s giant sunflower

6. Bilateral gynandromorph butterfly: it’s half-male and half-female.

7. This bleeding tooth fungus is both frightening and charming.

8. This is how an oyster grows pearls.

9. Inverted icicles

10. Ghost glass frogs have the most mesmerizing eyes!

11. The transparent fish that seems almost fake

12. Starfish with 6, 5, and 4 arms

13. A nearly 5 pound lobster claw

14. This white fern I found on my hike today

15. This is what a sea urchin looks like on the inside.

16. A plant that is 4-stories tall

A3A3EJlJlO / pikabu

17. An ant’s face under an electron microscope

18. Just imagine... these tiny creatures have a full skeletal system, arteries, and a whole set of organs inside.

19. This super-cautious crab scoping me out

20. This albino reindeer I saw while travelling in Finnish Lapland

21. Tulips blooming in the snow

The athlete`s leg is absolutely crazy! Do you have anything we could add to this list? We`d be happy to see your comments and pics in the comment section below.

Please note: This article was updated in February 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit janibrajkovic / instagram


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18 is when you turn the settings to very low on a videogame ??


I had no idea sunflowers could grow that tall.. that's insane


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