20 Pictures That Prove Animals Are the Best Guardians for Your Kids

4 years ago

It’s no secret that a lot of children feel better when there are animals near them. This happens because babies, and their furry friends, have special bonds that make children’s lives feel complete and happy. But it appears that there is at least one more advantage — sometimes animals give kids more attention than their own parents. If you have any doubts, just take a look at the pictures below.

We at Bright Side are excited to share 20 photos showing that if you want to approach a child you will have to prove your reliability first.

20. You can see the beginning of a great friendship.

19. “When my son cries, the dog rushes in to save his life.”

18. “Our dog hasn’t left his side since we brought him home.”

17. The dog’s face gives us the impression that if the cameraman touches her, he’s going to suffer.

16. “This baby is mine now.”

15. This seems to be the best security system.

14. “You are free to go see your friends, I will take care of this baby.”

13. “We’ve only been home with our newborn for 20 minutes and our dog claimed him.”

12. “I am always going to be with you.”

11. Touch this boy — and you will have to deal with me.

10. “What do you want now? I have just lulled the baby to sleep.”

9. “What? I’m not going to let him go to school alone.”

8. “It’s OK, human puppy. I will keep you warm until you grow fur.”

7. “You shall not pass.”

6. “This child smells very important. Better take care of it just in case.”

5. This kid is not even born yet, but the cat is already madly in love.

4. Time flies, friendship stays.

3. They just get each other.

2. “You gotta go through me first.”

1. “We are chilling out with our little human!”

Do you believe that kids and pets have a special bond? Is there are a pet in your family who is ready to protect your child and you in any situation?


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I think animals feel and understand that children are fragile, and naturally want to protect them.
So sweet ?


When I was a kid we had a cat, who loved me.
Mom told me stories how he would 'take care of me' helping me sleep and bringing me toys. Sadly he died when I grew up a bit, he was really old. But I remember he was by real best friend ❤️


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