20 Pictures That Show the Resilience of the Human Spirit

10 months ago

Many of us have a natural drive to connect with others and make a positive impact. Some people are blessed with kind and gentle hearts that have a special ability to touch others in a wonderful way. Sometimes even unconsciously, they know how to make this world a better place to live.

1. “A Reddit stranger drove 2 hours and used his drone to recover Meadow, who was lost in the woods for 10 days.”

2. “Crowd surfing is for everyone.”

3. “My dad rescued this fawn that our dogs had cornered. It walked away shortly after as if nothing had happened.”

4. “A man helps a homeless person with a broken wheel.”

5. “My cousin was fishing on the river and rescued this deer who was so tired, he was starting to drown.”

6. “This gem of a human feeding the stray cat at my apartment complex and giving him an umbrella since it’s raining.”

7. “Cooper has not been able to play with our next-door neighbor’s dog, Lucy. My husband will lift Cooper up just so he can say hi.”

8. “Thankfully I saved this little guy from my lawnmower today.”

9. “My boyfriend saved this duck. This fabric was wrapped around his body. A hero in both mine and the duck’s eyes.”

10. “Not cold enough to take one, but it made me smile.”

11. “Construction workers at the mall made ramps for the ducklings.”

12. “Saved this sweet thing from getting smooshed in the road.”

13. They pulled oak tics, styrofoam, tires, toys, balls, a propane tank, and even a giant ape while cleaning the river.

14. “Saved this guy as he was trying to escape a dingo. He is completely deaf, blind in one eye, and walks with a limp.”

15. “Washed AND ironed!”

Text on note: “TO THE PERSON WHO LOST THIS TOP HERE LAST WEEK. Here it is washed and ironed. J. 26 Oct 20”

16. “I saved this chipmunk from drowning in my pool this afternoon. He was shivering badly, so I got him a towel.”

17. “My wife, rescuing a Gopher Tortoise from a construction site. One of the many hats she wears as an Environmental Scientist.”

18. “I rescued these 2, twice.”

19. “I saved this little squirrel but my cat wasn’t very pleased...”

20. “Two baby squirrels fell out of my neighbor’s tree when I was working in the yard, I put them in a safe spot nearby and played some baby squirrel cries on YouTube, within a minute the momma came to the rescue.”

In a world that can sometimes feel discouraging, these individuals become a guiding light, bringing hope and reminding us of the endless capacity for goodness within us all.

Preview photo credit Status-op1 / Reddit


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