16 Kind-Hearted People Who Brightened This World

5 years ago

Kindness makes everyone stronger whether you just smile at a stranger or save someone’s life. Kindness can be a thing that gets us out of bed every morning.

Bright Side thinks that each act of kindness deserves gratitude and shouldn’t remain unnoticed. We’ve collected some stories that prove all people can do good things.

16. A teacher visits his sick student every day.

This Iranian boy has cancer, yet his teacher comes to him every day in the hospital to fill him in on what he’s missed at school.

15. A man rescued a scared kitten.

“My husband accidentally found a scared kitten under our car. Meet Axel, our newest family member!”

14. A woman created street shelves for homeless people so that everyone can help.

A woman from Texas helps people with these ordinary shelves. Her idea is simple: everyone who wants can put something on the shelf or take something from it for free. People leave diapers, school supplies, food, and other helpful things.

13. A marine dog retires and gets a proper farewell.

Black lab Cena served as a bomb-sniffer for the U.S. Marines. The dog was recently diagnosed with terminal bone cancer. Thousands of people (from the U.S. Marine Corps League, Michigan State Police, County Sheriff’s Office, City Police, and Fire Department) came to see Cena receiving a hero’s farewell.

12. Ariana Grande raised more than $12 million for people affected by terrorist attacks.

Ariana Grande and her company managed to raise more than $12 million for people affected by a terrorist attack during the singer’s concert. All the money was spent on funerals and for victims’ treatments.

11. A dog refused to leave its owner while waiting for paramedics.

An Argentinian man was pruning outside when he fell 6 feet from a tree and injured his back. When he came to, he saw his dog Tony lying on his chest. The dog refused to leave its master while he waited for an ambulance.

10. In Canada, teenagers returned a stolen bike after they found out it belonged to a boy.

Mel Flesher’s post about a stolen bike became really famous on Facebook. When the teenagers who had stolen the bike read it, they decided to return the item. The next day, Mel realized they returned the bike with a new lock and an attached apology letter.

9. People rescued a puppy covered in tar.

In Argentina, 2 men noticed a dog completely covered in thick tar and called the police. They’d been trying to rescue the dog for about 5 hours and finally did it. Now the dog is safe and sound!

8. In the UK, motorcyclists organized a prom for a girl who’d been bullied at school.

In the UK, bikers decided to support 16-year-old Shannon. She had been bullied at school because of her arthritis and colitis and her mother wrote about it on Facebook. 120 men and women came to spend the evening with the girl, her relatives, and friends.

7. At children’s hospital in Italy, dogs are waiting for when they’ll be allowed to visit sick children.

These dogs are waiting for when they’ll be able to visit the wards with sick children. It’s an actual kind of therapy when young patients meet specially trained dogs and spend time together.

6. A boat captain saved a kitten thrown from a bridge.

35-year-old Jordan Smith saw someone throwing a cat from a bridge. The man took the cat out with the help of a net and took it to the vet and then decided to adopt the kitten.

5. “Had my leg amputated and my brother showed up to the hospital dressed as a pirate.”

A Reddit user who had his leg amputated told the story of how his twin brother decided to support him. He showed up dressed as a pirate and said that he could finally make an awesome wooden leg for him. He also gave him socks and said that his brother could wear one pair for 2 days.

4. A policeman saved a 3-year-old boy who stopped breathing.

Police officer Chase Miller saved a 3-year-old toddler’s life who suddenly stopped breathing. The man happened to be listening to the EMS dispatcher radio at the time and rushed to the scene. He grabbed the boy and performed CPR, and then the toddler began breathing again.

3. A small boy saved his mom with the help of Siri.

Roman, a 4-year-old boy from Great Britain, called 911 and explained to an operator that his mom wasn’t breathing and was dead. He took her iPhone, used his mother’s finger to unlock it, and asked Siri to contact the rescue service. Thanks to him, everything’s fine with Roman’s mother today.

2. A starving teenager got $270 thousand instead of donuts for lunch.

A 15-year-old teenager approached Matt White and asked if he could help him carry his grocery bags to his car in exchange for buying him a pack of donuts for his mother and him. Instead of donuts, Matt raised $270 thousand that was spent on the boy’s education and a new house for his family.

1. All the money he won in one tournament was donated to sick children.

Cristiano Ronaldo is well-known for being a generous person. In 2016, the football player donated €275 thousand that he won at the UEFA European Championship to a kids cancer foundation. He did the same with the Champions League bonus. The total sum that Ronaldo donated so far is around €10 million.

Bonus: Owners of a cat decided to take their pet hiking with them. The cat even had its own tent.

Do you usually help strangers or homeless animals? Share your stories with us!

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