20+ Pictures We Had to Look at More Than Twice to Understand

3 years ago

For many of us, the bond between what’s real and what’s not unleashes our curiosity. Whenever we see an ordinary situation with an uncanny element, like a person with an unusually long arm, our brain automatically begins to work and we can’t help but wonder, “What’s going on here?” And we know our minds won’t rest until they find an explanation for the bizarre image.

We know that testing your observation skills is always fun. That’s why Bright Side decided to create a selection with pictures that might activate your brain cells. Go ahead — let’s see how many of them you manage to crack.

1. “Here’s a trash can that defies gravity.”

2. “My friend’s dog is an optical illusion...”

3. Roast chicken, a hand that loves metal, or an ordinary dry leaf?

4. An invisible woman?

5. It looks as if the yellow frisbee is flying, but it’s actually on the ground.

6. Is this just a game or did someone “lose” their head?

7. “When the water is so still it creates an optical illusion”

8. “This is flat farmland in eastern Colorado with melted patches of snow that create a crazy 3D illusion.”

9. “An elephant’s head or a cow’s head?”

10. An ordinary bookstore that reminds us of the movie Inception

11. Well, something’s definitely not right here...

12. “The guy on the right has very long arms.”

13. What’s so weird about this picture?

14. “I thought that dogs and giraffes were too different to create viable offspring together...”

15. “She just has her hand bent.”

16. It looks like a video recording studio from the ’70s, but it’s just an inside shot of a cheese grater.

17. Something doesn’t seem okay here...

18. “A bunch of people in a yellow pool”

19. His left leg comes out of his right leg?

20. “This soccer coach’s head merged with another person behind him.”

21. “A young girl posing with a bag of popcorn”

Do you have the perfect picture to put your mind to work? Share them with us in the comment section and don’t forget to show this article to your friends and family to see who manages to crack more of these confusing images. Also, if you want to keep playing this game some more, you can find additional compilations with similar pictures in the following links. Just click here, here, and here.


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