20+ Pragmatic People Who Can Always Find a Way to Save Money

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Every time we go to the mall or shop online, we’re tempted to buy a lot of different things, but the price tags usually bring us back to reality. Of course, this can dampen our mood, making us not want to shop anymore. But some people don’t get disappointed in such situations — they simply take control.

“Thrift store finds: $5, shoe wax: $11. It was much easier than I thought getting this pair back in decent shape!”

“Cut open 13 ’empty’ lotion bottles we’d normally throw away and found out that there’s 36 oz of the product left.”

“My ex-wife was going to throw this out, so I refinished it. Happy with the results.”

“Handmade gifts this year!”

“I have a wood stove at home. I found a local wood shop that has been sending all of their end cuts of good hardwood to the dump.”

“Now the wood stays out of the dump, and I have a free heat source!”

“I fixed my lamp using the stained-glass soldering technique.”

“I got my dress for $100 on Facebook Marketplace.”

  • I have the same dress!! That’s a steal, I spent a small fortune on mine, even after getting a massive discount. © Mrs_Pacman_Pants / Reddit

“My mom couldn’t find a Christmas card she liked, so she made one for me instead. My sisters requested some too.”

“Made this makeup brush-drying holder. Saw some online, but I didn’t want to pay money for one.”

“We just took down the Christmas tree and the fallen needles still smell really strong and fresh. So I put a bowl of them in my room.”

“I’m a leather worker. I had a tradition of making the men in the family wallets.”

“But they still use them 10 years later, so now I have to come up with something else.”

“If you need to pack many gifts, especially if they are big, the simplest and cheapest way is to buy some wallpaper.”

masquer / Pikabu

“Now I feel like a financial genius.”

“I had a problem: the litterbox was too small for our cat. I saw a plastic tub in a construction store.”

Iden**** / Pikabu

“I’ve been making candles with leftover wax from other candles. They aren’t the best, but I’m glad the wax and jars aren’t going to waste.”

“Made this sink base with a leftover vanity and discount wood.”

“My son wanted a cat tree. So my stepdad helped him build one. It’s much sturdier than any cat tree I would be able to buy online.”

“My latest idea for glass spice jars”

“I needed a new dresser and bought this for $1 at a yard sale. I didn’t like the black color, so I tried my best to paint it.”

“My after-party shoes needed a splash of color, so I got creative. $18 total with almost no sewing experience.”

“If you’ve got a tractor supply store near you, get these food-safe 5-gallon buckets with lids for around $6.”

“It’s safe for using with food.”

“Each year, I make a Christmas tree solution from the stuff I have at home.”

What tips do you have that help you save money?

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The circle that they cut into their ceiling for the red glass Christmas bulbs on the last post on the list looks horrible. Surely there was a better way that could have been accomplished without destroying the ceiling.


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