18 People Who May Be Having the Best Day of Their Life

2 years ago

We all have that one day or moment that we’ll forever cherish as the happiest of our lives, which never fails to bring a smile to our face. In fact, scientists suggest that remembering our positive autobiographical memories can boost our well-being and positive emotions. As the people in this article show us, there are many positive memories for us to look back on and enjoy again and again.

Bright Side would like to share moments of pure joy with the world, proving that there is always a reason to smile, even on the grayest of days.

1. “My son, smiling at his mom for the first time”

2. “My sister came to visit me for pride week after 10 years apart, she is 3 years HRT and 1 year post surgery.”

3. “Did the thing! 3 years after we first met, I get to spend forever in her arms.”

4. “Today marks one year of my brother’s recovery from severe femoral artery blood clotting.”

“Jimi was born with cerebral palsy, autism and epilepsy and was given 3 years maximum life expectancy at birth.”

5. “My son’s birth was the day I felt joy like none other. My sweet baby”

6. “I met my birth mom for the first time yesterday! Couldn’t have gone better.”

7. “Got engaged today — cried through the whole thing”

8. “My Son turns 2 months old today, and has been promoted to ’ASSISTANT to the REGIONAL MANAGER.’”

9. “My mom loves yellow ochre and Van Gogh. I painted this and gave it to her for Christmas.”

10. “23 years old and I can officially say, I’m a homeowner!”

11. “Somewhere in there is my new best friend. I’m over the moon!”

12. “Went to the ER two days ago in an ambulance from a cardiac event. Now I’m thankful each day I wake up and these two are my world.”

13. “The most gorgeous girl in my life just birthed an even more beautiful girl. I’m finally a dad!”

14. “After 2 years of applying, I finally became an ER Tech!”

15. “My dad came to my first big art show and it really meant a lot to me.”

16. “My mom turned 70 today. I love my mom. That is all.”

17. “I have been on my journey for over 4 years and am happy to say that I am 2 years sober today!”

18. “The happiest moment of my life, the birth of my son on January 29th. I never knew I was capable of being this happy.”

What photo or memory do you hold closest to your heart? Do you remember the moment your child was born?

Preview photo credit I_SNIFF_F****_DAILY / Reddit


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