20+ Sphynx Babies That Can Charm Even Those Who Don’t Like Cats

4 years ago

Did you know that the natural temperature of a Sphynx’s body is actually 4 degrees warmer than that of their furry counterparts? This is why Sphynx cats can be wonderful cuddle bugs — to keep this temperature, they just love to snuggle up to their owners and hug them as often as possible. But this is not the only positive trait of these amazing kittens. Just take a look at the photos below and you’ll see everything for yourself.

Bright Side put together 23 photos of adorable sphynx kittens that won’t leave you indifferent, even if you’re not a cat person.

23. “Will you be my best friend?”

22. “Look what I can do!”

21. The best cuddle buddies ever

20. “My wrinkles make me even more attractive.”

19. Purrfect relaxation

18. “Draw me like one of your French girls.”

17. “Come on, share these sardines with me!”

16. Heading toward new adventures!

15. Who can resist this little angel?

14. The real beauty is always in the eyes.

13. Trying to find the best sleeping position

12. “Work? What work? Stay with me, human!”

11. A new profile picture for a serious baby

10. “Any new treats for me?”

9. “Let’s twist again!”

8. Even Puss in Boots can’t compete with these eyes.

7. Weekend cuddling

6. “Make your best smile, darling.”

5. “Hey, who’s there on the wall?”

4. “Mom, where’s my favorite toy?”

3. Morning stretches

2. “Don’t you dare wake up our mommy!”

1. “May the force be with you!”

Are you a lucky Sphynx owner? If so, feel free to share the photos of your hairless kittens and we’ll admire them together!


I have never touched a Sphynx cat, but I really would like to know hoe their texture of their skin feels.. are they soft?
#11 is so serious but so adorable.
You were right guys, I'm charmed ?

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