20+ Tattoos That Bewitched Our Eyes

4 years ago

True artists know how to create masterpieces that can mesmerize you and mess with your eyes. That also applies to tattoos. One that is masterfully done might make you think that a miniature kitty will jump right off someone’s skin or that someone sewed a patch right onto their leg!

Bright Side has found captivating 3D tattoos that once again prove how versatile this artform is!

1. Just landed or ready to fly away?

2. A whole other world on an arm

3. A charming woman...

4. ...and charming lips

5. A great way to spook your friends

6. Feels like we’re next...

7. A Mayan calendar

8. When petals and skin are one and the same:

9. You can almost feel how soft the feathers are.

10. A cute cat that’s always with you

11. The water droplets are about to fall off the petals.

12. A beautiful illusion

13. “I want to break free!”

14. A powerful moment

15. Color mandala

16. A geometric tattoo

17. An incredible work of art

18. When nature is part of you:

19. The pieces are coming together...

20. Good thing it’s on their back so they don’t see it often!

21. A tattoo designed to look like a patch

Which tattoo did you like the most? Would you ever get a 3D tattoo or do you already have one? Share your thoughts and photos in the comments!


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