20 Things That Were Made by Someone With a Questionable Sense of Style

2 years ago

vehicle covered with nickels, a mailbox in the shape of a swordfish, and a scooter adorned with animal print — these are just some of the pictures that Reddit users have shared lately to prove that anywhere in the world, there are things that make little to no sense. If you’re a fashionista, get ready, because you’re in for a good dose of laughter and maybe even a little pain as you look at how kitsch some of the objects in our compilation are.

Bright Side put together a list of 20 photos of objects that are anything but logical, and they made us question their owners’ sense of style.

1. “A car covered completely in 5-cent coins”

2. “This loooong Furby someone at my work made. It even has a ‘spine’ in it so it can sit up and stare at you. Always watching, always waiting...”

3. “This mailbox in my neighborhood”

4. “These cowboy boot ice skates”

5. “My cousin made this coaster out of a broken iPhone charger.”

6. If you’ve played with a spinner, you will automatically understand the picture.

7. “A sock for your avocado to speed up the ripening process”

8. Increasingly stylish but painful...

9. “This restaurant’s bathroom floor just isn’t doing it for me.”

10. “From an antique shop in San Francisco”

11. A mailbox from another planet

12. Is it a cat or a rabbit?

13. “Found these at a thrift store!”

14. “A $350 lamp I found”

15. For those who want more of a sporty style

16. “Unsure if these are comically great or horrendously absurd, but they’re mine now.”

17. “I saw these yesterday while shopping.”

18. “Want to ride on my wicker-woven motorcycle?”

19. “A Louis Vuitton driveway”

20. “Don’t get me wrong, it’s awful. But I kind of like it...”

What strange things have you ever bought out of curiosity and now laugh at whenever you see them?


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Those mailboxes and burger shoes and denim boots are actually pretty awesome. In my neighborhood there is a mailbox shaped like an old timey car from the 1800's and a mailbox shaped like a hen. Once the people with the chicken mailbox left their shed door open, and I saw that they were working on a mailbox like a rooster with a really big tail. Can't wait for them to finish.


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