20 Things That Were Probably Created in a Parallel World

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Salvador Dalí once said, “What is important is to spread confusion, not eliminate it.” And it seems like many people are driven by this idea, creating really baffling designs. On the one hand, it allows us to break from our routine, which is the very thing we need sometimes. But, on the other hand, it proves that, literally, anything is possible in our world.

Bright Side has found some weird things where partly absurd flights of thought were given full sway.

1. “This Christmas tree looks so odd.”

2. “Which way is he supposed to stop?”

3. “I saw this at a bird zoo.”

4. Pity they don’t have a 9¾ floor.

5. “This dog statue’s unsettlingly human-like eyes”

6. “Yeah, let’s put it next to the mirror wall, why not?”

7. “Sometimes art is just someone’s willingness to do anything versus quality.”

8. Give me 2!

9. “This mirror in my parents’ house”

10. This seems to be written in Klingon.

11. “Is this an afterthought?”

12. “The designer of this watch was definitely a sadist.”

13. “Mouthwatering...hand wash?”

14. “A cheese cutter from a Swedish museum in Philadelphia”

15. “Mister I Scream”

16. “This tiny grater”

17. “Dragon ball gear stick”

18. “These parking lot lines outside of a fish and sports supply store”

19. “Fixed the sign like a boss.”

20. “This car has been driving around my town for a couple of days now.”

For you, what does creativity really mean? And does it necessarily have to be baffling and confusing to catch our eye? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Preview photo credit freddyprince1 / reddit


On first seeing no:1 l saw a b..t plug...lol
l don't know why..lol
All the others didn't have the same reaction, however l did find myself asking
"why" more than a few times. Or was that just me as well?

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