20 Times Humans and Nature United to Live Peacefully Side by Side

3 years ago

Sometimes we miss out on what most of nature’s blessings could do for us. Incorporating flowers in our house decor, using avocado pits to make necklaces, or leaving trees to serve as a part of parks — these are just some of the many ways the human-nature relationship thrives.

We at Bright Side love going green and supporting eco-friendly practices that don’t harm the environment or upset the ecological balance. We like to make it beneficial for everyone!

1. Newlyweds planted these sycamore trees that lead to their house, symbolizing togetherness.

2. “I made an old Macintosh Plus into a fish tank.”

3. “This national park in Sweden refused to cut the trees that were in the way of the bridge, so they just left them that way.”

4. “My pencil has seeds on the tip, so when it’s too small to use, you can plant it and a tree will grow out of it.”

5. A coffee cup made from recycled coffee grounds

6. Instead of using paint in a parking lot in Hawaii, this is how the “lines” were created.

7. An ice cream cup made up of banana leaves!

8. A disposable bowl made out of pressed leaves

9. “My community used old metal chairs as a new fence!”

10. This office is made up of old shipping containers.

11. A stunning bougainvillea house in San Francisco

12. A local bakery leaves out a bag of unsold pastries instead of throwing them away and making unnecessary waste.

13. An eco-friendly soap refill station in Canada

14. “I convinced my friend not to throw away his old fence and let me build him garden boxes.”

15. Supermarkets in New Zealand are trying to use less plastic for fruits and veggies.

16. Engraved letters on an avocado instead of stickers

17. “Made this coffee table from an ancient cedar that fell in a storm on my property.”

18. A spring that flows through a living tree

19. “My town disguises their cell towers to look like pine trees so they don’t stand out.”

20. “I carve avocado pits into necklace pendants/talismans.”

Were you inspired to make Mother Nature proud? Do you want to start going green?

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all of them are very creative and genius🥰

#12 most restaurants they just throw away the food that is left and this is a very good thing to do🙂


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