20 Times Mother Nature Blessed Things With a Little Extra Charm

3 years ago

butterfly that you saw in the garden can have a human-like eye design on its wings. A dog that you adopted can have unbelievably long eyelashes that any woman would kill for. Nature can decorate anything and anyone with something unique.

We at Bright Side believe that many things on our planet have yet to be discovered by us and we would like to share with you 20 pics of nature’s charm and charisma in the flesh.

1. This butterfly can see you clearly.

2. “I just got my first ever cat and check it out! She has tons of extra toe beans.”

3. “My grandmother’s dog has the longest eyelashes.”

4. “This rock I found has a shell inside it and it’s been worn away to a flat spiral in appearance.”

5. A unique pattern inside of a tree.

6. “Tree of life, Lake Cakora, Australia”

7. “A comically long pumpkin my friend harvested today”

8. “This is my kitten Pizza. He has really big eyes.”

9. “Hair ice, also known as ice wool or frost beard, is a type of ice that forms on dead wood and takes the shape of silky hair.”

10. An owl that perfectly imitates a tree

11. “I found this gorgeous hermit crab in Okinawa today.”

12. This is a charming mollusk known as a “sea bunny.”

13. “Ania is confused by what happened to her whiskers.”

14. “Frank Catsle”

15. This is what the happiest lake in Russia looks like.

16. A tree after a lightning strike

17. “This buff-tip moth disguised as birch wood”

18. “This colorful tree stump”

19. “These berries were growing right in the cracks of this rock.”

20. His hearing must be supernatural.

What was the last thing that nature surprised you with? Do you have pics of it? Please, share it with us!

Preview photo credit Cannabus_ 11 / reddit


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