20 Times Nature Gave Us Something Unusual to Admire

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Nature has a reputation for creating incredible things, and if you don’t agree, take a look at Brad Pitt, that’s all the proof you need. However, its skills aren’t limited to just making perfect objects but also coming up with things that are out of the ordinary and unusual. That is why we wanted to show you 20 things you don’t normally see in the wild.

1. “My dog and I have the same size ’feet.’”

2. “Hair growing under my toenail”

3. “My middle and ring finger are connected.”

4. “The way the snow melted on my walkway”

5. “This puppy came in and had a paw print mark on his nose!”

6. “We just harvested corn from our garden. It has one kernel.”

7. “Found a squash growing in our apartment garden area. Husband for scale.”

8. “Planted pumpkins and melons last year, but nothing grew. These popped up this year.”

9. “The lighting under this bridge makes it look like a crescent moon in the water.”

10. “I was told my new rescue pup has the rarest of ears.”

11. “My cat has a cat in his markings.”

12. “My dad’s white feet and tanned legs — he wears the same shoes every day.”

13. “My parents’ cute cat has a half-and-half face.”

14.“This pear at the grocery store”

15. “My bilateral symmetric coloboma!”

16. “Went to Colorado to visit some family and discovered a happy tree among the Garden of the Gods.”

17. “Baby praying mantises found on Dad’s jade plant”

18. “My cat always looks like he has anxiety. Yes, he always looks like this.”

19. “My 67-lb cabbage”

20. “He wears his heart on his head.”

What are your favorite activities to do outside in nature? Please let us know in the comments.

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Isn't #1 the dogs' knees to their paws. There feet bit is flattened.


Everytime I hear praying mantises I rgibk of Buffy. If you know, you know.


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