20 Times Nature Showed the True Meaning of Having 9 Lives

3 years ago

Nature can teach us countless lessons, including how to never give up on life. From trees that fell but still kept growing to a butterfly that re-learned how to fly after a wing transplant, nature is full of wholesome cases of resilience.

Bright Side picked some of the best examples of nature’s will to survive and compiled them here for you to enjoy.

1. “I made a wing for an injured butterfly.”

2. “The tree fell but grew back up.”

3. “Taken at my place 10 weeks ago after a fire vs this morning after a big weekend of rain”

4. “My satin pothos glow-up. She recovered from 2 separate rounds of root rot and is thriving now.”

5. “This tree still has its leaves because of the light shining on it.”

6. A tree that sees no obstacles

7. “She survived a skin infection without treatment and an accident. We rescued her and now she’s happy.”

8. “6 years in — Pakistan’s Billion Tree Tsunami project is making a difference!”

9. The palm tree continued growing after falling.

10. “A tomato from my garden with ’stitching’ it used to heal itself.”

11. “Hurricane Irma eroded away the dune this pine tree was growing on, but it’s still standing.”

12. “I rescued a duck from a parking lot. Later found out she was injured by a dart. She healed and is thriving again.”

13. The Tree of Life at the Olympic National Park in Washington

14. “I’ve managed to save her even though it took some pretty drastic measures. Living her best life now though!”

15. Life finds a way.

16. “A wooden chair my parents bought started sprouting leaves.”

17. “My friend saved a sloth from the middle of the road.”

18. “I came across a tree that grew out of the stump of a dead tree.”

19. “One tree on my street refused to accept winter.”

20. “It didn’t get its distilled water for a couple of days. So dramatic...”

What’s the best proof of nature’s resilience that you’ve ever seen? Do you have any surprising photos? Our comment section was made for your stories and pics. Come meet us there!

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A tree on the shore of Derwent Lake in Keswick, The Lake District, UK... Flooding had washed away the soil from the roots... but my daughter thought it was a fantastic place to sit and read!!

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