20 Times Our Little Buddies Got Busted Doing Something Too Human

3 years ago

We tend to think that we’re a lot different than animals, but this is still in question. After all, horses can make 17 different facial expressions to communicate, according to these research findings. That’s only 10 fewer than we can make, one more than dogs, and 4 more than chimpanzees. They even raise their eyebrows to smile and greet others.

We at Bright Side can’t help but be amused by what animals are capable of, and we want to share some really surprising cases with you.

1. “Stormy was not thrilled about the arrival of our girls.”

2. “My grandma got a lot of visitors the other day.”

3. “Already moved him once — he’s determined not to let me eat if he can’t too.”

4. “She’s waiting patiently for dinner.”

5. “I was sitting here playing a game, got up for water, and came back to this.”

6. “He knows what he’s doing.”

7. Practicing angry faces in front of the mirror

8. The dog is the doorbell.

9. “I feed the dog outside every morning. Today, I apparently wasn’t fast enough so she picked out something to eat and waited by the door.”

10. “Willow LOVES watching the snowfall outside the window and found the perfect *pillow* to sit on!”

11. “She just thinks she’s a cat and then gets stuck when she can’t liquefy like one.”

12. “Chewing on his brother’s tail — he’s only sorry because he was caught.”

13. The sun appears to be shining a little too bright today.

14. “He makes sure to make eye contact while knocking things off the couch.”

15. “They pulled down half my clothes to make a comfy bed for themselves.”

16. “Ran around my house for the last 20 minutes frantically calling for my kitten. Finally, I saw this set of ears.”

17. “Can’t we all just get along?”

18. “My cat called a meeting to discuss the lack of snacks.”

19. “The other farm cats didn’t love him much but the chickens thought he was all right so he became a chicken.”

20. “So that’s who let the dogs out...”

In what weird situation have you ever caught your pet?

Preview photo credit esoterix_luke / Reddit


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