20 Pics That Prove Kids and Animals Are Partners for Life

2 years ago

Better self-esteem and a decrease in loneliness are just some of the benefits kids gain when growing up around animals. It doesn’t matter if they are fluffy cats and dogs, or even cuddly birds and pigs, all of them have some love to give to their little humans.

Bright Side found some kids that created a life-long bond with their favorite animals and their photos are capable of comforting anyone’s hearts.

1. “Something tells me this is the start of a beautiful friendship.”

2. “One of our rescue kitties has made an unexpected friendship.”

3. “Zola is the best blanket for our daughter.”

4. “Our daughter and our neighbor’s dog are best friends.”

5. “My nephew and his pet bunny on his computer”

6. “He accepted the addition.”

7. “My daughter and her Lovebird are all cuddled up sleeping on our road trip.”

8. “Every time she sees a new dog...”

9. “My cat was wounded and my son wouldn’t leave her side.”

10. “We adopted a mini potbelly pig. My son loves it.”

11. “My son snuggling with the newborn calf we brought inside to warm up”

12. “Got a new kitten and my daughter thinks it’s her baby.”

13. “My son dressed as a horse riding a horse. He just loves horses, don’t know why.”

14. “My kid is happier with a rat snake in his hands.”

15. “Watching your kids put on a puppet show for the cat is priceless.”

16. “My daughter’s greatest loves are her tarantulas.”

17. “Best friends for 4 years”

18. “My daughter wanted to take her duckies on a walk and this is what we improvised.”

19. “My bunny and my friend’s kids watching TV together”

20. “I walked in on this scene last night.”

Who is your animal best friend? Post a picture of you 2 together, we’d love to see it.

Preview photo credit Two_isacrowd / reddit


My girlfriends best friend recently got a son and he already is starting to form a bond with the dog which is super cute to see, the dog loves to sleep next to the little boy
I will never understand how it's possible though, from my experience pets like to be around calm people, and kids are the opposite of that!

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