20 Times Light and Shadows Took Art to Another Level

4 years ago

It is becoming really hard to find something that will surprise or impress people. That’s why some artists are now trying shadow art. These works give off a very mystical vibe since it’s hard to imagine that a city can be built from a pile of trash, or that it’s possible to bend some steel to make it fly like a plane. If you have no clue on how to make it real (like us), this whole article is for you.

Today Bright Side invites you to explore the shadow games. We are sure that it will make your creative juices flow. And if you want to know how to turn a seeder into a star seeder, take a peek at the bonus.

1. It must be scary to see this shadow when you’re alone at home.

2. The city is watching you.

3. Children have so many questions, and it’s great when there is someone who can help find the answers.

4. Real life is rubbish

5. If you think that photo frames are boring, try a shadow sculpture of yourselves.

6. It’s time to rise and shine.

7. We are shaped by our thoughts.

8. We can’t believe this level of genius.

9. We wonder how long it takes to find all the perfect angles.

10. “I am falling apart, I am barely breathing.”

11. Sometimes things are not what they seem.

12. It seems like he is flying toward his dreams.

13. The shadow can tell us more than the object itself.

14. Let’s take a rest from this crazy world.

15. Our spark keeps us going...

16. An airplane that’s made of steel.

17. This is a familiar silhouette of Anne Frank.

18. Alice in Wonderland through an artists’ eyes

19. Sunset Over Manhattan

20. This breathtaking view is from paper planes.

Bonus: The Seeder, a sculpture by Bernardas Bučas, becomes the Star Seeder at night.

Which installation freaked you out a little? Would you prefer to be the creator or the contemplator?


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I don't find them scary at all. They are amazing works that took a lot of time to create. I would like to see them in real life too! :)


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