20 Times People Refused to Believe Their Eyes After Deep-Cleaning

3 years ago

There is an awesome level of satisfaction that comes with cleaning and restoring objects that have been neglected for years. Even if it means spending hours and hours on them, once we are finished and see the true glory, we know it’s worth it.

People on the internet posted their cleaning results and we at Bright Side just couldn’t resist sharing some of them with all of you.

1. “One of the most satisfying jobs I’ve ever done”

2. “I legitimately thought fences just faded into that grey until one borrowed power washer and 12 hours later...”

3. “It’s a cedar picnic table I power washed last summer. It sat in the shade unused for 9 years. It’s as good as new!”

4. “I cleaned 2 years’ worth of solid tea stain from my cup.”

5. “I cleaned my dad’s 30-year-old leather chair.”

6. “Scored this for $50, so I spent 10 minutes power washing it.”

7. “No matter how old I get, power washing never ceases to amaze me.”

8. “Before and after cleaning the front garden”

9. “2 days’ worth of work at my grandad’s house!”

10. “First wash since moving in. So satisfying!”

11. “Cleaned up this bunny yesterday.”

12. “Brick entryway before and after”

13. “The power washer did a great job.”

14. “I’m a little speechless. I genuinely thought our patios and paths were made with brown slabs.”

15. “I pressure washed this thing today.”

16. “I cleaned up this vintage Keypers toy.”

17. “Free chairs from the neighbor cleaned up nice.”

18. “Before and after cleaning an old oven. Pretty sure the previous renters never cleaned it.”

19. “I power washed this rug left behind by the old homeowners. I had no idea the design was this intricate.”

20. “Before and after of my showerhead”

Which of the images did you find most satisfying? Have you ever power-washed something in your home? Do you have before and after pics to share with us?

Preview photo credit jaydubaaa / reddit


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