16 Internet Users Who Were Betrayed by Marketing Ads

2 years ago

We’ve all been seduced by irresistible images on packages or ideas that seem so clever at first. The element of surprise that often comes after we unwrap a product is sometimes as hilarious as it is underwhelming. These people went through the same ordeal and are not shy about sharing their disappointment with everyone on the internet.

The Bright Side editorial team salutes all the users featured in this collection who gave us a reason to giggle despite having their expectations shattered.

1. It’s all about perspective anyway.

2. ’’For Christmas, my buddy ordered his sister a Baby Yoda. This arrived a month and a half late.’’

3. Well, at least the colors are similar.

4. ’’The balcony of the apartment I rented, with a center city view.’’

5. “Went to visit the Cherry and Spoon at sculpture gardens. Looks like the season of cherries is long gone.”

6. Must’ve felt like a slap in the face.

7. A wannabe chocolate marble cake

8. ’’That’s “melted” Nutella on the top.’’

9. Maybe it magically transforms after 5 minutes in the oven.

10. It’s just the result of artistic freedom.

11. ’’I have low standards for boxed macarons, but c’mon.’’

12. Snowmen tend to melt, that’s just the way it is.

13. Such an intricate design. Oh, wait...

14. ’’That’s just unfortunate.’’

15. ’’I thought I was getting beef jerky.’’

16. Always take a close look at the size chart.

Have you ever experienced the pain and suffering caused by misleading ads? Share your photos with us in the comments to spice up the list.

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#11,on this package that printed a sentence in Chinese(圖片供参考,請以實物為準,means picture is just for reference,please check their products)


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