20+ Times People Said “I Think My Pet Is Broken”

3 years ago

Pets are goofy. We all know this. But sometimes their goofiness overflows its banks and makes us ask “Is everything ok?” — like for example when your dog falls asleep on the couch like a dad, when your pet sits on your shoulder like a parrot, or when your cat brings sponges back from the hunt or climbs into a box and swims with you in the bathtub. And the best thing to do with these random fluffies is to film them and have a laugh!

Here at Bright Side we couldn’t pass by these 20+ photos of pets, who seem to be mildly malfunctioning.

1. Me too, cat... Me too.

2. Cure for the hiccups, apparently.

3. When you want to sit and stand at the same time:

4. If I fits I sits. I fits so therefore I must sits.

5. He sleeps like a Thanksgiving turkey.

6. Sherman is all about the face smushes.

7. The way these dogs are laying perfectly in sync

8. She loves dramatic places for naps.

9. “Shelby is wondering why we disturbed her nap.”

10. “He is such a weirdo. Anything for a belly rub.”

11. I’ve never in my life seen a cat that is this comfortable.

12. My cat sits in her “boat” in the hot tub every single day and refuses to get out even after an hour!

13. Shiba.exe has stopped working.

14. Just hanging out...

15. I think I’ll sit right... here!

16. I guess I’ll sleep over here...

17. “Some cats bring home mice or birds, ours brings home sponges...”

18. “My sister’s dog is upset that we did not take her on a 12th walk today.”

19. Mind the gap.

20. I wants to sit up to my full height, even if I do not fits.

21. Sleeping like he’s the father of the family.

What goofy things does your pet do that make you think “What’s wrong with my pet”? We’d be happy to see your pics and comments in the section below.

Preview photo credit Reggieives / reddit


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