20 Times Pet Owners Went Way Too Far

3 years ago

Cat owners are more anxious. Dog owners are more extroverted. People who like to have aquariums are the lazy ones — they don’t even need to walk their pets (or maybe they do)! But one thing is for sure: most people love their pets.

Bright Side has collected photos of pet owners who seem to pay a little too much attention to their pets.

1. Too bad they forget everything in a few seconds...

2. Is there a modeling agency for dogs?

3. What a life!

4. We hope it’s business class.

5. The rabbit-dog!

6. Does he have a driver’s license?

7. Masterpiece!

8. Let me cut the meat for you, dear.

9. This pooch doesn’t look too happy...

10. Looks like they’re about to fly.

11. What a queen!

12. Horrible bosses

13. What’s that plant for?

14. Hope this doesn’t end like The Little Red Riding Hood story.

15. It’s bedtime!

16. This looks like 2 in 1.

17. Is it a girl?

18. We bet Warhol would have loved it.

19. Family business

20. The little brother law

Which of these did you find completely crazy? Which ones didn’t seem that bad? Do you have a pet yourself? Share with us in the comments below!


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