20 Times Pets Proved to Be Aliens Who Recharge From the Sun

3 years ago

The whole year we were waiting for the summer — the warm weather, flowers all around, and most importantly, a lot of sunshine. All of the world’s creatures enjoy it and try to catch every last ray of the sun.

Bright Side, however, suspects that some animals adore the sun way too much. Maybe it’s because they’re little visitors from another planet who need sunshine to restore their energy.

1. “Meet Lily, she’s a bit special...”

2. “Do you want to join me?”

3. “The perfect spot”

4. “I adopted him last night. Here he is today.”

5. “Just wait until I’m fully charged, human.”

6. “She truly enjoys every ray of sunshine.”

7. The sun + your favorite sofa = the perfect chilling spot

8. “I think he has a quest. Do you approach him?”

9. “Sadie’s big stretch in the sun looks like a mirror camera effect, but she’s just long.”

10. “Our turtle sunbathing on a really hot day”

11. “Pure happiness”

12. “Even little dragons love sunbathing.”

13. Don’t forget to share a sunny spot with your friends.

14. This squirrel is surely taking all the best from this summer.

15. Look at this sunburnt kitty!

16. “He was playing all day long and was very tired. So here he is, recharging.”

17. “I couldn’t find him, but then I looked outside.”

18. “So peaceful!”

19. Is it a cat or a freshly baked loaf having a good time in the sun?

20. “This cat is so chill and it makes me jealous.”

Have you ever seen your pets in the process of “recharging?” Share pictures of these sunny creatures with us!

Preview photo credit unknown / Imgur, rnc1119 / Reddit


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I love the sun, so when it finally comes I just get out and do just like these animals - pure enjoyment!


#19 is just asking to pet him, what a perfect fur ball :D


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