20+ Times Someone Messed Up Cats’ Settings

4 years ago

Cats are known for their independent and proud character, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t go crazy sometimes. Whether it’s about the poses they get into or the looks they give us, the first thing we want to do in this situation is to grab a camera and capture the unusual moment.

We at Bright Side love animals, especially those who can make us laugh even on the grumpiest of the days. So we selected 20+ cats whose weird behavior warrants a setting’s check, and maybe a reset. Don’t miss our interesting bonus at the end!

“My cat is lying on the ground after giving up its bed to a mouse.”

“Come on! Tell me everything that’s bothering you.”

Hey there! Do I look like Batcat?

How my boyfriend’s mom’s cat sits:

“I was doing some work late at night and my cat did this.”

“I am quite comfortable sitting this way. No need to worry!”

There’s no room at the inn...

Why did you bring your camera again, human?

“She never meows for us to let her in. She just.... intensely stares at us until we do.”

“I couldn’t find my cat for an hour.”

Hey there? Can you see me?

The floor is lava.

It’s selfie time...

You don’t mind if I sit here, do you?

On a ride with the unicorn

“My cat is kinda weird sometimes.”

Keep your finger right there, please...

“I’ll wait right here for dinner.”

“I think I was born into the wrong family. I need to be a dog.”

“How am I gonna use this pot when I grow up, I wonder?”

The tip of this tabby cat’s tail is orange.

Bonus: This duck visits this dog every day to pet him!

Do your pets behave oddly too? Please share their photos in the comments!


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