16 Times Wedding Celebrations Went So Wrong It Was Hilarious

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After people get married, many husbands and wives decide to share their wedding pictures. Unlike the perfect shots of royal weddings, these pictures show a whole range of wedding disasters from guests’ photobombs to kids throwing tantrums during the ceremony. It’s probably a rare case when a couple’s wedding album is totally perfect and internet users keep sharing their snaps showing how their wedding ceremonies went hilariously wrong.

1. It looks like some of the guests don’t feel like taking part in the ceremony...

2. “Me and my wife’s favorite wedding photo... Until we saw what was between us... We still don’t know who it was.”

3. “The moment when you see the bouquet flying toward your girlfriend.”

4. Professional photobomber detected

5. When you get tired of perfect wedding photos:

6. “I was in a wedding this weekend... Didn’t quite fit in with the other bridesmaids.”

7. Why not? At least the kid’s not crying.

8. “What was my favorite picture from my wedding day? Not me and my husband. This.”

9. Choose bright accessories for plain bridesmaid dresses.

10. What made him feel so upset, we wonder?

11. This was meant to be a romantic photo...

12. A moment before the disaster

13. “Because wedding cakes are overrated...”

14. “At our wedding, an usher had a rude girlfriend who wanted to be in the middle of pictures (dressed in white!) I got upset, but my photographer said, ’I’ll fix it later, don’t worry!’”

15. There are so many things to bear in mind on a wedding day, like the perfect location for wedding pictures.

16. An epic fail is when you kick the bridesmaid and tear your pants with just one jump.

Which of these wedding fails do you find the most hilarious? Tell us in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit rawkeye / Reddit


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