20 Times When Men Didn’t Want to Have Pets but Then Couldn’t Live Without Them

4 years ago

Some men are sometimes so hard to convince of something, that it may just be easier to give up. But not in the case when it comes to a new fluffy friend. When you want a pet, you can do a lot to talk to your father or husband into getting one. But beware, there is a risk that the men will love them more than you do!

We at Bright Side are completely sure that everyone loves pets. It’s just that some people need help in discovering these feelings. And the people from our compilation prove our idea.

1. Dad, 2 years ago: “I swear to god Gina, I’ll kill you if you get a dog. I don’t want a dog. They’re too much work. DON’T GET A DOG.”

Dad today after walking less than half of a mile: “She’s tired. Her legs are small. I’m just going to carry her the rest of the way home.”

2. “Don’t get one, keep them away from me.”

One week later: “Quick son! She fell asleep on my shoulder, come take a picture.”

3. Then: “If you get a cat you will regret it.”

Now: Loves to cat sit and sends me a selfie every time.

4. 2 months ago: “We absolutely are not getting a cat.”


5. “I don’t want another cat!” Now she’s grandad’s little helper.

6. “It’ll last 2 weeks.” — My dad 5 years ago

7. “My dad-who-did-not-want-pets comforting his scared pup on his first vet trip.”

8. “He claimed to hate cats and be allergic, now he personally cleans out her eyes.”

9. “Didn’t want a third pup in the house, especially not a Pitbull. Now they share chairs.”

10. “10 years with my cat, and I think my cat is finally growing on my dad.”

11. “Had to fight tooth and nail to get this man to agree to occasionally dog sit when I decided to adopt. Now dad watches him every day while I am at work and sends me picture text updates about their day together.”

12. “I am no longer considered the baby of the family. Bruce Wayne has taken my spot.”

13. “My friend’s dad just didn’t think he was ‘bonding’ with Nelly when they first got her.”

14. “My dad 4 years ago: “NO hamsters in this house!”

My dad now:

15. “Dad and the rescue chihuahua he didn’t think was a good idea.”

16. “Are you insane? We’re not rescuing a cockatoo.”

17. “After many years of disliking cats... Goblin the kitten is settling in rather well.”

18. “My boyfriend who declared how much he didn’t like cats. Dare I say the little guy loves him more than me!”

19. “My dad did not let us get a cat for a very long time. I got very sick a few years ago and asked for a cat before going into surgery, and now she’s his favorite daughter...”

20. “My daughter wanted a cat. My husband did not want any cats. So we compromised and got 2 cats.”

Do you know of any examples of how the love of pets has melted the hearts of strong men? Tell us in the comment section below!

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Years ago my son said he wanted a cat I said no cats I do not like cats absolutely no cats well here we are 2 cats later and I love them to death


It's exactly the same when we got a rat. My dad was so against it that he ended up loving him the most out of the whole house


Well, in my case it wasn't my dad but my mom haha. She just didn't want any pet in our house. Turns out, she just loved our little girl so much


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