20 Times Where Animals Offered Us More Than We Could Imagine

2 years ago

Every owner knows that their pets are tireless content machines. They provide an infinite source of ridiculous incidents, Oscar-winning performances, heartfelt moments, and headscratchers. A cat with 4 extra toes, a chameleon dog, or high-fiving bee — nothing is off-limits with our furry friends.

Bright Side adores it when animals are over-the-top, so we gathered 20 photos of when they managed to surprise their hoomans.

1. He is not a BULLdog for nothing.

2. The Creation of CAT-dam

3. “Our new kitty has 24 toes.”

4. “I high-fived a bumblebee!”

5. “The way my cat waits for me outside the bathroom”

6. “He carries around his best friend and props it up to look out the window with him, then protects it with his leg.”

7. “I saw this fox riding in a car like a dog.”

8. “It must be hard to be a cat. Winston fell asleep watching TV with us like a 50-year-old man.”

9. Birdception

10. “This is Sirius! His true colors come out when he stands in the sun.”

11. “Hector & Albert: Not only brothers but best friends”

12. “My 2 donkeys, Marley and Journey absolutely love each other.”

13. “One of them is named Siren... can you guess which one?”

14. “My cat snuck into the fridge and tried to drink my milk.”

15. “Coat color change on my Siamese, Lola — 1 month vs 8 years.”

16. “When it’s your first time in the supermarket!”

17. “Bought one of those pillows. Apparently, she chooses to deny her true inner self.”

18. “This is Riley. When she helps with the laundry no sock gets left behind. She’s a good girl.”

19. “The way my cat sleeps”

20. “How about my derpy boy looking like a Pixar character.”

Do you have a pet? What is your favorite pic of it? Share it with us!


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