20 Totally Crazy Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

5 months ago

The world around us is wonderful and unpredictable. Great minds will never stop trying to solve all the amazing riddles and prove the crazy theories that you really want to believe in.

Bright Side has collected 20 facts that may sound unreal but are, in fact, absolutely true.

  • Coffee radically changes tastes. That’s why we love to eat something sweet with this drink.
  • Rejection and physical pain are the same to your brain. Mu-opioid sensory receptors are activated when you are rejected, and the same receptors "work" when you feel pain.
  • An airplane can fly more than 100 miles with a hole in the fuel cell with both turbines off. Such a case actually happened once.
  • Monkeys see faces on inanimate objects. They see optical illusions because they always fear for their lives. They are also more likely to imagine their enemies in everything around them.
  • A mattress doubles its weight after 10 years of usage, collecting dust and dust mites. Throughout this time, vermin eat tiny parts of our skin, which fall down into the mattress folds.
  • Your brain reacts to verbal and nonverbal tasks in different ways. It turns out that we understand sign language better on a subconscious level.
  • During the night, your intervertebral discs relax and expand. That is why you are 1% taller in the morning than in the evening.
  • There are more life forms on human skin than there are people on our planet. Every day we "share" our body with 90 trillion bacteria.
  • Otters hold their paws when they sleep, eat, or simply drift in the water so as not to miss each other.
  • Elvis Presley was naturally blond. The King of Rock ’n’ Roll was sure that dark hair was better for highlighting his eye color.
  • We are better at making a decision if we think the topic over in a foreign language. Languages help to abstract our mind from our emotions and analyze a situation more clearly.
  • The possibility of dying on your way to buy a lottery ticket is higher than the possibility of actually winning the lottery.
  • The hair structure of a newborn baby changes completely during his first year. Don’t be surprised if your blond kid suddenly becomes a brunet.
  • Polar bears try to be invisible in the snow, covering their black noses with their paws.
  • Pessimism is inherited genetically. People who think negatively often have a mutated ADRA2b gene.

  • There are more people who are obese than are starving in the world. 30% of Earth’s population is obese, and 5% of these people die of this disease.
  • Our smile has 3 functional types. We all have attraction, superiority, and praise smiles. In addition, the greater zygomatic muscle behaves in a different way each time.
  • At the dawn of photography, people used to take pictures in their holiday clothes with a serious face injury or disease. It was also very popular (and even trendy) to take pictures of dead people, positioning them as if they were still alive. One more funny fact: the very first "Photoshop specialists" used simple watercolors to create different effects on printed photographs.
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Well!!! these all are so crazy!!!... I knew the hair one...as when I was born my hairs were totally curly and they fell off when i was 1 yo... and now I have straight hair


these are some very crazy facts most of the time i already know the facts but these i didn't even know!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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