20 Tough Cats That Won’t Let You Get Away That Easily

4 years ago

Even dog people sometimes go “aww” when looking at a tiny clumsy kitten. Not to mention cat owners who usually go crazy about their pets. Sometimes the level of madness is so high that they don’t even notice the obvious, strange things in the behavior of their pets: all those unnatural poses, the way they stare at you, and the eyes that have a fire burning in them.

We at Bright Side came across some evidence that cats are not always nice and fluffy. It seems some of them are trying to hide their dark side in vain.

“Wanted to take a charming photo of a cat taking care of its sick owner. The question is — which of us is really sick?”

— Rush around the room, eat the flower, spill the soil on the floor, and leave a puddle on the laminate!

— But I am not allowed to do that!

— You must!

“I don’t know what happened, but I’d better stay at my friends’ overnight.”

This kitten looks like a little lord of darkness.

We wouldn’t want to come across him in a dark alley.

Who summoned me?

When visiting the kitchen doesn’t promise anything good:

This cat is familiar with black magic for sure.

If you look at this cute kitten long enough, you’ll end up having chills down your spine.

Contact with the higher powers has been successfully established.

The connection with a different world has been established as well.

He seems to be plotting something.

What made him get into this strange pose?

Bookshelves have eyes too.

“I heard that if a cat sees a circle, he will definitely sit inside of it. But here something went hilariously wrong.”

My human is behaving badly again!

Your face looks like this when you are making plans to conquer the world.

“Watching my mom’s animals while she is away... was not warned about this one.”

If you suddenly see this, you might want to run away and leave all your property to this cat.

“So my girlfriend saw this at the front door at 3:00 AM. We don’t have a cat.”

Do your cats behave in a strange way too? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

Preview photo credit Sidarius / reddit


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